Finding the Best Eyebrow Filler

Some people, especially women are genetically unblessed with not-so-even and relatively sparse eyebrows. This is the reason why most women become aware of other women who have full eyebrows. Women can go for the use of different varieties of eyebrow fillers starting from powders to pens to gels to pencils that can help in enhancing the look.

Affordable Perfect Brows

I’m sure you have heard many things about eyebrows. How it could affect your look in general and maybe reflect the wrong personality. Also, there are many things that can go wrong when it comes to brows. They can be too arched, too short, and many other issues. And there’s also trend that can be quite bugging even when you have ignored it. However, one thing you keep in mind, nobody is symmetrically perfect. Therefore, having some little mistakes is normal. If you pay close attention, you would see that your eyes are not exactly mirroring each other. Okay, onto the quest for the perfect eyes!

Eyebrow FillerIs There Such a Thing?

I know what you’re thinking. Unless you get a Botox or plastic surgery or tattoo your brows, there’s no way for you to have a perfect eyebrows. But here’s an answer for your problem, eyebrow filler. No, again, don’t get me wrong here. It’s not a doctor based solution like Botox. It’s a cosmetic product released by a couple of well known brands. So you can be rest assured that you will be able to afford it.

How to Have a Pair of Perfect Brows

This is a lifelong question that goes along with how to find the perfect lipstick color. First thing first, your face shape defines how your brows should be, then the next thing that matter is your eye shape and length. They could determine how arched your brows should be. Don’t be bothered by the trend. It comes and goes as always. Sides, there’s no guarantee that the trend will work best on you. Anyhow, if you have never shaved your brows and only rely on your makeup skill, following the trend might help you getting your perfect brows.

Getting eyebrow filler can be answer for your eyebrows problem. There are many things to do this; you can do it with an eyebrow kit or pencil. You also can use eye shadow to color it out. Shape your brows with a brow comb. You could ask to have your brows trimmed and shaped a little bit if you want to. Don’t forget to use clear mascara to keep them in place. The perfect eyebrows are the ones that naturally go with your brow bone. They’re not running all over the place by being too long. And more importantly, they’re not perfectly mirroring each other. And that’s how you afford a pair of the perfect eyebrows.

How to Choose the Best Eyebrow Filler?

Creating beautiful eyebrows is not only about subtractions like threading, waxing and plucking but it is also about certain additions. It is about perfecting the eyebrows with gels, powders, waxes and pencils. Carefully chosen fillers can always help in filling sparse spaces, taming unruliness and adding rich color to the eyebrows. Check out the products that have been mentioned below.

Urban Decay Brow Box

This is an awesome box containing everything that you might require for perfecting your eyebrows including mirrors, two brushes and tweezers. You will get a powder available in two shades. Make sure to layer the powder perfectly because using powder on the brows is not as easy as using pencils or pens. You need to be very careful and should aim towards getting a very precise look. The only downside of using this eyebrow filler is that you need a companion for doing everything for you.

Clinique Instant Lift for Eyebrows

This is another effective and useful all-inclusive item featuring a pencil, which has a wide tip with a highlighter on one end and self-sharpener on the other end. The pencil color is quite soft and it is very good at making small strokes. The strokes can be blended later using the fingers. The Clinique-Instant Lift eyebrow filler is priced around $16.50.

Clinique Superfine Liner

This pencil liner features a tip that is superfine and can easily be used for creating little artificial hairs while applying color on the eyebrows. You need to be very careful while using this product. If you are going for a fun night out and looking to have a bold look, then this is the perfect eyebrow filler for you.

Per-Fekt Brow Perfection Gel

This is a quick as well as an easy to use perfection gel especially meant for women who are not looking to be super precise. This product works wonders for women who are on the look out of extra depth and color in their brows. This product is not for you if you want to shape your eyebrows perfectly in the form of a strong arch tapering at the ends. One or two strokes of this perfection gel will give you the color that you want. The brush works in the form of a large mascara wand.

Anastasia Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil

Anastasia Brow Wiz Skinny Brow Pencil is a black skinny pencil-like thing featuring caps on both its ends. One of the caps contains a self-sharpening pencil while the other works in the form of a spooly brush. What you need to do is just stroke the pencil in areas where you require the eyebrow filler and you will get the right color and shape for your eyebrows. Remember to use small strokes to get the natural look.

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

You need to use this product perfectly otherwise it can have adverse results for your eyebrows. If you are looking for those perfectly-shaped brows, then try using this Dipbrow Pomade carefully and in light strokes. The color of this eyebrow filler goes on very strong on the eyebrows and stays on for a very long time without creating any mess. Apart from this, it is to be noted that the color looks simply fantastic. You are sure to have some great-looking and strong eyebrows with the use of this product only if you do not overdo it and try getting both the eyebrows looking well-shaped and absolutely even. The product is also good for humid climates and for women with oily skin because it is smudge-free and it does not fade away.